Entertainment in Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya is one of the most happening places in Northeast. The state has all the entertainment facilities by which one can have fun. Meghalaya is not just a beautiful place but also has a various types of entertainment like movie halls and lounge bars. Large number of tourists visits Meghalaya for the musical festivals and other entertainment facilities in Meghalaya provided by the state to the tourists.

Dance and Music in Meghalaya

Entertainment in Meghalaya

Dance and music are one of the most important aspects of Meghalaya culture and entertainment. Meghalaya is said to be a hub of western music. There are many reputed local and national bands that perform in Shillong in rock concerts and gigs. Getting a chance to perform in a concert in Shillong is striking a chord with the major share of music lovers. As northeastern India is musical inclined, bands get a chance to reach out to the greater share of music lovers. Apart from the western music, the traditional music of Meghalaya is characterized by beautiful sounds and use of traditional instruments. Meghalaya also has many dance forms like Nongkrem dance, Shad Suk Mynseim among others which are unique in their way.  These dance forms are generally held under the open sky.

Music in the abode of Clouds

If one thing that binds the people of Meghalaya it is MUSIC without an iota of doubt. Though music concerts especially rock bands both national and international perform in Shillong, most of Meghalaya grooves with equal ease and panache. Dudes, women, children as young as ten and eleven and even the not so hip and happening boys - all show their love for music, drums and beats.

Music Concert in Shillong

It isn't incorrect to comment that Shillong is the 'rock capital of India'. When bands like Michale Learns to Rock (MLTR), Eric Martin and Sepultura performed in Shillong what more can one say. The whole of northeast descended in Shillong to shake a leg with the stars. No wonder, music creates magic in Shillong and places like Bengaluru and Mumbai  are no match. Famous English band Smokie performed in the jungles of GaroHills to raise money for victims of flash floods. Scorpions - German heavy metal band opened their Indian tour some years back with a performance in Shillong.

Entertainment in Shillong

Meghalaya in general and Shillong in particular is gaining prominence in the international music world as a great place where western music in all forms in loved and respected.
Let's Rock Shillong!

Cinema Halls in Meghalaya

Cinema is the major source of entertainment of the people. There are a few cinema halls and theatres in Meghalaya, though mostly in state capital Shillong. Some of the cinema halls in Shillong are Gold Cinema Hall, Payal Cinema Hall, Bijou Cinema Hall and Rhino Auditorium.

Nightlife in Meghalaya

After a day’s hard work, every individual loves to relax and unwind. Some like the youth love gather at pubs, nightclubs and discotheques for some relaxation. However, nightclubs and discotheques are mostly concentrated in Shillong. Come Saturday evening and the youth are ready to shake a leg to music played out by a local band or popular DJ at the Dejavu, Cloud 9, Tango or platinum in Hotel Polo Towers.

Cloud 9

Pubs and Clubs in Meghalaya

Cloud 9 located in Hotel Centre Point is a rooftop nightclub in Shillong, that serves as a prominent entertainment hub of the city. The plush interiors and the pleasing ambience charm the visitors. With events and live music by famous DJs and special Ladies Nigh Cloud 9 makes sure that the fun and music never comes to an end.

Hotel Centre Point
Police Bazar, Shillong
Phone: 91-364-222-0272


Nightlife in Shillong

Tango is also a popular night club in Shillong. You can spend a good time here with drinks and soft music.


OB Shopping Mall

Some other places for a good drink in Shillong are Piccadilly-Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Grounds,Roof Top Lounge Bar- Hotel Centre Point, Hotel Pegasus Crown Bar, Hotel Alpine Continental Bar,Hotel Pinewood Bar, Fusion Bar, Astoria Bar , Micasa Hotel.

Auditoriums in Meghalaya

There are few auditorium in Meghalaya where people can enjoy the evening watching dance or music program and plays. The auditorium in Meghalaya are mostly concentrated in Shillong. Some of the auditoriums in Meghalaya include:

Rhino Hall: This is an auditorium cum lecture hall, as well as a movie theatre.

U Soso Tham Auditorium:  It is one of the oldest auditoriums in Shillong used for various purpose since times immemorial

Antons Hall: Located in Shillong, the Anton Hall has been acknowledged as the most demanded venues for displaying different events.

Media Channels in Meghalaya

There are number of leading print media offices, electronic media offices in Meghalaya. The Shillong Times is the leading newspaper here with other dailies in English, Khasi and Hindi being published. In broadcast media, the Doordarshan and AIR are prominent leading communication services. There are also Khasi channels and a news broadcaster in English named Media Plus in Meghalaya.

Radio is another source of entertainment for the people. The Shillong Radio Centre broadcasts songs, news, plays and many other programmes Hindi, English and other regional languages of the state. There are also smaller radio stations in Cherrapunji, Jowai, Nongstoin and Williamnagar. Some of the radio stations include Red FM, Radio Olala, Akashvani and Gyan Vani Shillong.

Shopping in Meghalaya

Entertainment in Meghalaya

Meghalaya has many flea markets and malls and plazas where different types of goods are available. There are arcades as well as traditional markets in Shillong like Iewduh, Police Bazar in Shillong, and other popular shopping outlets for traditional goods and handicrafts. Police Bazar in Shillong is a major shopping hub in the state of Meghalaya where one can buy western as well as traditional items.

Restaurants and Hotels in Meghalaya

Hotels and restaurants are also a source of great entertainment and a chance to unwind in a good meal. The hotels and restaurants in Meghalaya offer traditional cuisines in addition to international cuisines like Chinese and Continental among others. Some of the major hotels in Meghalaya are Hotel Pegasus Crown, Hotel Mi-Casa, Hotel Alpine Continental and Pinewood Ashok Hotel among others.

Sports in Meghalaya

Entertainment in Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya is blesses with beautiful adventure sports avenues from nature. Naturally beautiful tourists places like caves, fine meadows, hills and peaks provide avenues for a variety of adventure sports like caving, golfing, trekking among others. There are also other sports like biking, boating, and archery in addition to traditional games practiced here in Meghalaya.

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