Emergency and Utility Services in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a beautiful state located in the northeastern part of our country. The state of Meghalaya is equipped with emergency services, police services, ambulance services and other emergency service forms. There is also the 100 toll free emergency police telephone number where one will get a police personnel for help in need. There are also fire services available in their emergency telephone number 101.

Emergency Services in Meghalaya

Medical Emergency in Meghalaya

In any aspect like health emergency or any accident or untoward occurrence or any natural calamity, there are emergency services available for the people of Meghalaya. There is the 108 Ambulance Service which a patient can access free of cost. In times of emergency, one can dial 108 for the free ambulance service and it will transfer the patient to the nearest hospital. The 108 ambulance is well equipped with medical kits, oxygen cylinders and other required medical equipments which provide first aid in due course of transferring the patient to the hospital.

Some of the major hospitals in Meghalaya are Civil Hospital, Ganesh Das Hospital, R.P. Chest Hospital, MIMHANS, Jowai Civil Hospital, Tirot Sing Memorial Hospital, Nazareth Hospital, Norton Tunnel Hospital, Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Hospital, and Voluntary Health Association of Meghalaya among others.

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Ambulance Service in Meghalaya

Ambulance in Meghalaya

The government has introduced the 108 ambulance services for any kind of medical emergency in the state. The toll free number is used as a centralized helpline for medical emergencies. In times of emergency, one can dial 108 for the free medical ambulance and it will transfer the patient to the nearest hospital. The 108 ambulance is well equipped with medical kits, oxygen cylinders and other required medical facilities which provide first aid to the patients.

Phone Number of Ambulance and Mortuary Services in Meghalaya

Civil Hospital: 2224100
Dorbar Shnong Laban: Mob-9863067756
Greater Mawlai People Union (GMPU): 2241547
Helping Hand Society: 2224191
Marwari Yuva Manch: 2544257, 2227710
Iai Minot Sports Social and Cultural Club, Mawlai Mawroh Mortuary Van: Mob-9863112391, 9436117155
NEHU Health Centre: 2550110, 2550025
Pynthorumkhrah Mortuary Van: Mob-9863062336
Rilbong sports & Cultural Club: 2228424
Sympathy van Laban Mortuary van: Mob-9863192518
Zenith Jubilith: 2220364

Police Services in Meghalaya

Emergency service in Meghalaya

Every city, town or village in Meghalaya has police stations for easy reach. The main function of the Meghalaya Police Department is to prevent crime and bring to justice those who do not follow the law. The police department offers many services for the protection of the people of the state.

Contact Information

DGP Meghalaya
Shri P.J.P. Hanaman
Police Head Quarters
Secretariat Hills
Shillong-793001, Meghalaya
Phone: 9402132509, 0364-2224879, 0364-2220115
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Police Exchange Numbers : 0364- 2222001/ 2222043 / 2222033

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Fire Services in Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya also provides fire emergency services to its people. Fire can break out at any time and at any situation. The main solution during such kind of emergency is calling the nearest fire station.

Contact Details
Fire Brigade road,
Nongthymmai, Shillong - 793014
Phone no: 101, (0364) 2223300, 2222000, 2227700

Important Emergency Number

  • Police Control Room: (0364) 2222277
  • Police Station: (0364) 2222855/ 2227050
  • Fire Station: 0364- 2227000/ 2223300
  • Ganesh Das Hospital: 0364- 2224766
  • Police Hospital: 0364- 2224658
  • Military Hospital: 0364- 2224368
  • Civil Hospital: 0364- 2224100
  • R.P Chest Hospital: 0364- 2223201
  • Nazareth Hospital: 0364- 2210188/ 2224052
  • Bethany Hospital: 0364- 2520300
  • Woodland Hospital: 0364- 2225240
  • Super Care Hospital: 0364- 2506226


  • Police Station: 03654- 280295
  • Fire Station: 03654- 222277


  • Police Station: 03651- 223866
  • Fire Station: 03651- 223901
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Utility Services in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the states of the 'Seven Sisters' of the northeastern India. Located on eastern part of India, the state of Meghalaya, meaning the 'abode of clouds' has its capital in Shillong. Shillong is the largest city of the state of Meghalaya. The state of Meghalaya has developed over the years with all the facilities and utilities services available in the state. Meghalaya has a well developed network of electricity services, banking facilities, postal and courier services and telecom services.

Banks and ATM in Meghalaya

There are a number of banks developing its branches in the state of Meghalaya and in the major city Shillong as well Leading commercial banks like State Bank of India and other banks like Canara Bank, United Bank, Union Bank, Central Bank of India, Yes Bank Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and many other leading banks have their branches in Meghalaya. These banks also have their branches and ATMs in different towns and cities across Meghalaya.

Banks in MeghalayaMeghalaya Rural Bank

The bank which began its operations under the name of Ka Bank Nongkyndong Ri Khasi Jaintia on 29th December 1981, now boasts of a business of excess of Rs 1250 crore and a network of 67 fully CBS-compliant branches.

Head Office
MTC Building, Second Floor,
Police Bazar, Shillong - 793001
Phone: 0364 - 2504290, 2225178, 2225545(Fax)
Email:  [email protected][email protected]
Website: https://meghalayaruralbank.co.in/

Important Banks in MeghalayaMeghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank

Meghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank (MCAB) was established after Meghalaya was formed from the bifurcation of erstwhile Assam in 1971. MCAB which began its operations with two branches one in Shillong and one in Tura now has a network of more than 40 branches across the state. The bank has encouraged saving habits among the people of Meghalaya and encouraged innovative banking.

The Managing Director,

The Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd.,
Kacheri Road, Shillong 793001,
East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya.
Phone No. : (91)- (0364) - 2224166 / 2224160 / 2223753 / 2226169
Fax No. : (91)- (0364) - 2222026
E-Mail : [email protected]
[email protected]

Postal and Courier Services in Meghalaya

Utility service in Meghalaya

The Shillong Post Office is the head post office in the state of Meghalaya. The Shillong Post office controls all the postal activities of the other towns and villages of Meghalaya. The post offices in Meghalaya offers retail services, financial services, philately and speed and express courier.
Apart from postal services Meghalaya also provides courier facilities. The private courier like Overnight express, Speed express, DTDC provides faster courier services to the people of Shillong.

Contact details and address:
Post Office : Shillong G.P.O.
Address: Shillong Taluk of East Khasi Hills District
Phone no:  0364 – 2222179

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Electricity Services in Meghalaya

Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited headquartered in Shillong oversees the electricity and power requirement throughout Meghalaya. There are also electricity supplier offices in different towns of Meghalaya which monitor electricity supply in respective towns. With the increase in the demand of power in the state of Meghalaya, the government has initiated a sleuth of measures like development of transmission infrastructure and tap the power potential from several hydropower generation.

Meghalaya State Electricity Board
Address: Lum Jingshai Shillong- 793001
Phone no: 0364- 2590610 / 2590742
Website:  https://meecl.nic.in/

Telecom Services in Meghalaya

There are also many telecommunication network utility services in Meghalaya. Telecommunication networks like BSNL, Reliance, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone and Aircel among others provide telecom services as well internet services to the people of the state. These utility services in the state help the people to stay connected and provide the basic facilities to the people of Meghalaya.

BSNL Office in Meghalaya

Nodal Officer
Add. GM(CFA & HR)
GMTD, Opposite Hyadri Park, Barik, Shillong-1, Meghalaya
Phone: 0364-2222300

Reliance Mobile Stores in MeghalayaTelecommunication in Meghalaya

Abhishek Communication

Laban, Near Red Cross, Shillong

VXL Services
Glory's Plaza Complex, Police Bazar, Shillong

Saroda Digitech
Laitumkhrah, Beat House, Opposite Mapui Parlour, Shillong

Friend's Communication
Shai Complex, Motphran, Wahthapbru, Shillong
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