Adventure Tourism in Meghalaya

Meghalaya one of the most beautiful state of Northeast India has a variety of things to offer on one’s plate. Once you are in the state, there are no dearth of activities in Meghalaya. Right from trekking along the beautiful hills to river canyoning, there are numerous things to do in Meghalaya. For adventure loving tourists, camping, trekking, rock climbing, caving, water sports are also available. If you're still confused as to what exactly to do in Meghalaya, the below mentioned list will be a very much helpful to you.

Adventure in Meghalaya

Trekking in Meghalaya

Adventure in Meghalaya

Meghalaya offers the tourist with some of the best nature trek through rain forests to the river front, to living root bridges in Meghalaya which are famous in the entire world. The dry months from November to February gives abundant opportunity for camping, trekking and caving for the adventurous tourist. The trekking opportunity is outstanding in Meghalaya for the fact that, the route is very challenging. The tourist can also hire guides to trek through the terrains of Meghalaya.
Some of the best Trekking Routes in Meghalaya are Living Root Bridge, David Scott Trail, Kyllang Rock and Sohpet-bneng.

Cave Exploration in Meghalaya

Adventure in Meghalaya

If you really want to experience a unique and different activity then cave exploration is the perfect sport for you. The state of Meghalaya has the largest network of caves on the Indian subcontinent. Meghalaya is the house of some 500 caves.  Some of the most stunning and the logest caves in this region includes Krem Mawmluh , Krem Umshyrpi and Krem Mawsmai.

Mount Biking in Meghalaya

Some of the trekking routes in Meghalaya are also good for Mountain biking.  Some of the popular mountain biking routes are Cherapunjee Trail, the path to Mawphlang (labout 30 km from Shillong) and the David Scott Trail.  Shillong tour operators also offers bikes on rent for Mountain biking.

Waterfall Rappelling at Elephant Falls

Adventure in Meghalaya

Meghalaya also offers waterfall rappelling to the tourist. This Sport is not for the weak hearted, as one descends either through the waterfall or alongside the waterfall. The Elephant falls in Shillong offers waterfall rappelling to the tourists. Before you start your activity make sure you follow all the safety instructions.

Water Sports in Meghalaya

Adventure in Meghalaya

The water sports complex at Umiam lake is situated about 17kms from Shillong. The water sports complex offers you with varied water sports. This place is a favoured tourist spot. The visitors can try, water-skiing, sailing and rowing apart from many other water-sports that are offered in the complex. As you sail your boat at the Umiam Lake, you can also enjoy the beauty of the forested region of Shillong. After a day of some exciting and thrilling activities one can unwind the day by relaxing in the resort that is in the sports complex.

River Canyoning

River Canyoning at Cherapunjee is an adventure. River Canyoning involves following the river course. There are different sections of River Canyoning and one has to face varied challenge levels. One needs to be physically strong and fit to climb up huge rocks, jump from boulder to boulder, hop across rapids and swim down steep slopes. There are experienced guides who will help in tackling these challenges. The best time for River Canyoning is from the month of November to February.

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