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Meghalaya Dance & Music

The state of Meghalaya has many tribes and race living together in harmony. As suvh, there is a myriad of traditional dances and music of Meghalaya. The music of Meghalaya is characterized by folk songs and music accentuated by traditional instruments. These folk songs relate tales of birth, marriage, love and other issues. The state of Meghalaya also has a flair for western music with many rock bands from this part of the country taking part in rock concerts. The state has also hosted some of the major rock concerts of popular national and international bands.

The Garos generally sing folk songs relating to birth, marriage, festivals, love and heroic deeds. The songs are sung on the music of drums and flutes. The Khasis and Jaintias are particularly fond of songs which praise the nature like lakes, waterfalls, hills etc. and also express love for their land. They use different types of musical instruments like drums, duitara and instruments similar to guitar, flutes, pipes and cymbals.

There are also many different dance forms in Meghalaya. Some of these are:

Nongkrem Dance:

Nongkrem Dance

This is a religious dance form performed as a thanksgiving to God for good harvest, peace and prosperity among the community. This dance is generally held during months of October and November.

Doregata Dance:

Doregata Dance is an interesting dance in which while dancing the women try to knock off the turbans of their male partner using their head. If the women succeeds, it is followed by laughter.

Chambil Mesara or Pomelo Dance:

The Chambil Mesara or Pomelo Dance is a solo dance-form which requires skill. The performer hangs down from a pomelo on a cord tied to his waist and then throws it around without any perceptible movement of the hips. The dancers who are expert in this can throw two separate fruits which are hanging on the cord.

Lahoo Dance:

The Lahoo Dance is performed by both male and female for entertainment. The people are dressed in their best dresses. In the Lahoo dance usually two young men on either side of a woman, hold arms while dancing. In place of the usual drum and pipe, a cheerleader, usually a man gifted with the talent of unplanned recitation, recites couplets to the merriment of the audience.

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